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What do you think is more important.. maintaining my blog or an adventure of a lifetime?

Seeing this blog hasn’t been updated for some time, you know I chose the adventure. And that is what I want to share with you now.

A new business concept has been incubating in my mind for several years. It has finally come to a stage where I am ready to build it and launch a new business venture. This is the adventure I have been on for the last number of months and in turn neglected by blog.

It has been a while since I last started a new business and I had almost forgotten the thrill and excitement of a startup. And when you have a passion for small business and the new venture is about helping and supporting the success of other small businesses for me it is even more exhilarating.

Business Boost Centre Logo
Business Boost Centre Logo

I have been working on building the “Business BOOST Centre”. Yes it has been a difficult balancing act with the demands and requirements of an operational business (furnituredirect.com.au), a young family with sport and school commitments and working on BOOST Centre. But it has been thoroughly rewarding.

When you follow your passion you are somehow re-energized and are able to achieve amazing feats especially in balancing and juggling.

So hang around and you’ll hear lots more about Business BOOST Centre as its reaching a stage where we are almost ready to launch. And if you really want to know more before launch send us a note to info@boostcentre.com.au and we’ll send you more about BOOST Centre.

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The 5 most viewed posts for 2012 on A Passion for Small Business

Changing TimesWe are almost done with just one final bash to see in the new year. I’m sure many of us will be celebrating the start of 2013 in some way or another. It has been a tough year for small business and many have struggled through the difficult economic climate and conservative consumer sentiment much of which can still be attributed to the fallout from the GFC

If you do a little research on what the experts predict for 2013 you’ll find a lot of interesting topics. There is no crystal ball that can tell you what will happen. One thing I do know with the fast pace of technological progress there will be more change and new challenges for all small businesses. This will also bring new opportunities and productivity improvements.

So looking forward to the new year, here are the 5 most viewed posts for 2012 on this blog “A Passion for Small Business”.

  1. Lessons from entrepreneurial failure – Some of the early lessons I learnt from an entrepreneurial venture.
  2. 10 Signs Youre an Entrepreneur – A repost from YFS Magazine article
  3. I was shocked by my own ignorance – Something to keep in mind when developing and marketing advertising and communication plans
  4. Don’t get caught with your pants down!This is all about risk management and mitigation planning for the small business.
  5. More lessons from entrepreneurial failure – More tough lessons in building a business.

As a final note for the year, I’d like to thank all of you, readers and followers of “A Passion for Small Business” for your comments and support throughout this year. It is you that bring value to this blog and inspire me to find and produce relevant and appropriate information to share. Thank you.

I hope you all have a successful and prosperous 2013.

Don Grgic

What if … money did not matter?!

The three key ingredients for launching your new business | Start Up Donut

Keys to success

So you are planning to or are launching a new venture. The question is… do you have the right stuff?

Before you launch, you have to check out this article by Kelly Clifford about having the “right attributes.” It is a must read.

The three key ingredients for launching your new business | Start Up Donut.