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Get with the times or die | Dynamic Business – Small Business Advice – Forums | Dynamic Business Australia

An excellent article on the concepts of cloud computing.. if you are in business and want to stay ahead of the game.. cloud solutions like Xero or Vend as a couple of examples may be the right thing for you.

In the cloud

Get with the times or die | Dynamic Business – Small Business Advice – Forums | Dynamic Business Australia.


Winning Customers Without Trying – Forbes


Here is a valuable story about business culture and why it is important for your small business.

Customer service isn’t just good systems.

It’s also about the people that work in your business.

Winning Customers Without Trying – Forbes.

Saving Yahoo. CEO Marissa Mayer doing what has to be done.

Marissa Mayer the CEO of Yahoo gets my vote. She is doing it all by the numbers.

When faced with a business like Yahoo with a substantial amount of dead weight dragging it down and a lot of legacy that needs to be cleaned up she has done an awesome job. The first steps in any rescue is to stop the bleed. Only after the patient is stabilised can you get to work in repairing the damage.


First she organises the redesign of the Yahoo interface to bring it up to date (this may even be an interim design).

Second she does something very unpopular that has employees and the media in an uproar. Even Sir  Richard Branson just had to have a dig and criticise calling the move ‘perplexing’ and ‘backwards’ in today’s mobile work environment.

She improves productivity by making it difficult to use the system and slack off.. you can’t tell me that home and telecommuting workers are all 100% committed to the business and working to their maximum productivity. We all know it’s a big perk. If you want to disagree, please do, but I have seen it many times first hand. Yahoo has specific legacy here and many of the employees agree with the CEO.

Third she is removing the unprofitable or unsustainable products and services. A couple of days ago there was an announcement about Yahoo Shutting Down 7 Products. From my perspective this is all by the book or if you like “Rescue 101“. So what is Marissa’s next move? Anyone willing to take a punt at a guess?

In my opinion it will be another strategic move that may not be popular but will be designed to reduce the current cost base or possibly introduce a new product/service offering that will improve revenue figures.

Who ever said being a CEO is a popularity contest?

Why is it so hard for business to get the simplest things right?


Having a busy schedule, last night I decided that after football training I would treat my young men (11 and 8) to one of their favourite local restaurants.  And it’s not a multinational fast food joint… hard to believe right.

Having arrived at our destination, I realised that it was busier than normal… It had slipped my mind that it was Valentine’s day and most restaurants would be full of young couples in various phases of amorousness. We managed to get a table without a booking, but there was something amiss.

It took about 3 seconds to realise that the restaurant was understaffed and service was going to be painfully slow… let’s see you explain this to a couple of ravished and impatient young men after a soccer training session.

It took a long time to get any attention from the stretched staff. Eventually we ordered and after a long delay had our meals. I can say that the food… when it arrived, was great as always. The issue was with staffing levels.

If you run a small local restaurant business you must be aware of this. Events like Valentine’s day, Mothers day and Fathers day just to name a few, are always times of increased traffic. It’s important to plan for the additional load and add staff accordingly.

This is not Rocket Science. It is a simple formula, yet so many get it wrong. A little forethought and a little planning can go a long way towards managing workloads. In this instance a simple calendar with events marked on it would have been adequate to inform the owner a few days in advance to schedule additional staff.

Are you getting the simple things right?