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For most of his life, Don's passion other than his family, has been entrepreneurship and small business. Starting young, as an entrepreneur, he has had successes and failures and feels there is always more to learn, create, experience and do. As a leader Don is always looking outside the square, pushing the limits and challenging the status quo. With over 25 years of experience in having built a number of businesses from the ground up, he understands the pressures and multiple demands entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Don is also passionate about helping young entrepreneurs and is always willing to take time to share ideas and advice. On a personal note, he can occasionally be bribed with a good red wine. @dongrgic

New home for Business Boost Centre blog.

New home for Business Boost Centre blog.

To all our loyal followers. Thank you.

We have decided in the interest of simplifying our online presence to suspend posting articles on this WordPress site and continue this blog on our website at Business Boost Centre.

Thank you for the support and please visit and follow our blog at it’s new home.

Don Grgic

Tony Ozanne – 3 Simple Steps To Being a Better Tradie!

Great advice for trades people from a business coach.

Tony Ozanne – 3 Simple Steps To Being a Better Tradie!.

Get with the times or die | Dynamic Business – Small Business Advice – Forums | Dynamic Business Australia

An excellent article on the concepts of cloud computing.. if you are in business and want to stay ahead of the game.. cloud solutions like Xero or Vend as a couple of examples may be the right thing for you.

In the cloud

Get with the times or die | Dynamic Business – Small Business Advice – Forums | Dynamic Business Australia.

Tender Process – The Frequent Errors and how to Overcome them – By Craig Millhouse.


The tender process is known to be notoriously lengthy, complex and bureaucratic. For many companies – and small businesses in particular – the lengthy process is somewhat daunting and represents a significant drain on resources.  The substantial time and resources directed towards bids is often considered a waste if the bid is unsuccessful. One way to drastically transform the quality of your bids is to address the universal errors made by many businesses. Below we go through some of the more frequent errors and provide solutions for each one

Error #1 – The first and perhaps most grievous error made by many businesses is using old tender trackers that only provide contracts which are 3-4 weeks from their end date.  This restricted deadline severely impacts a business’s ability to engage in pre-bid discussions, carry out detailed research, influence the bid specification, ask questions, seek clarifications and generally formulate a well planned, meticulous bid.

Solution – The solution to this serious issue is to invest in an advanced tender notification system that provides contracts that are at least 6 months from end date. These lengthy deadlines provide businesses with a solid base and allow them to create well structured, detailed and relevant bids.

Error #2 –One recurrent error made by countless companies is to assume they understand the requirements without engaging with the buyer. Second guessing certain aspects of the contract – no matter how small or irrelevant they seem – often causes otherwise well structured bids to fail. It is important for businesses to have a complete grasp of all stipulations in the contract and an understanding of how each condition is to be fulfilled.

Solution – Tender forms come with contact details, – make sure they are utilised. Engage with the buyer, discuss the contract and offer value and insight where required to stand out from the competition.

Error #3 – Some of the most common tender errors are usually seen within the PQQ form.The lengthy PQQ documents are designed to assess your capability as a business and simple grammatical and numerical errors will have a negative impact on the perceived aptitude of your business.

Solution – One way to overcome PQQ errors is to have THREE different people re-read the forms once they have been completed. Taking a slow, methodical approach to the PQQ stage will enhance the bid substantially.

Error #4 – Using a generic tender template is a major mistake that many businesses make. Whilst a tender template may work well for one particular submission, it may be totally unsuitable for another. Every submission should be tailored to tie in with the requirements of the buyer.

Solution – Rather than using tender templates, personalise each bid. Buyers don’t want to hear generic information that is irrelevant to their needs. It is important to concentrate on the aspects of your business from which the buyer can derive benefit and profit and ignore the things which are not relevant to that particular contract. Buyers will be reading numerous bids so it is vital that each submission is clear, concise and, most importantly, relevant.

Author Bio

Craig Millhouse is the founding member and managing director of 7House, a specialist business development firm that offers clients an array of services to aid in their growth. As part of the service, 7House also offers an advanced tender notification system called Contracts Advance.

With over a decade of experience within professional and service based industries, Craig uses his expertise to develop new businesses and kick-start existing ones through a consultative role.

Connect with him on Google Plus to stay in touch with his latest activities, events and articles