The competitive advantage of SME’s.

A great post on the advantages of SME’s and their ability to respond quickly to changes.


goldfishYesterday I did a presentation to a group of owners of small businesses, people who seemingly compete against the odds from a point of weakness, as almost everybody is bigger, better resourced, has better technology, and are more connected, than them. 

As a basis for the presentation I used Simon Sineks great TED talk, that articulated the ” Why How What”   model, one I have been able to use quite often as a means to assist SME’s sort out what is really important, and what just seems to be important, as they try to navigate the competitive challenges they face.

Just after I had delivered my thoughts,  a great post from Seth Godin popped into my feed, and it added a further perspective to the challenges. For these small business people, working as hard as they can, trying to be “picked” by their potential customers, from amongst the baying crowd…

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