Small Business Marketing Gangnam Style!

Gangnam StyleI’m sure by now most people have heard the Korean music “star” PSY’s Gangnam Style hit song. It has broken world records and had over 1 billion views on YouTube alone.

Everyone seems to be getting on the bandwagon. This is what viral marketing is about. You could say even the headline of this post is trying to take advantage and associate with this viral video hit.

What is Gangnam? Gangnam meaning “South of the (Han) river” is a local government district in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Until the 1980s Gangnam area had been the least developed in Seoul, but development over the last 30 or so years has given it a reputation as an affluent, dynamic, and most influential area in Seoul.

It is now known for its concentrated wealth and high standard of living, often compared with Beverly Hills, California.

With the “Gangnam Style” YouTube video going viral, it seems everyone wants to be associated with the PSY phenomenon. This includes dignitaries as well as established stars like Madonna and Hugh Jackman. Imagine if you were a retailer of consumer goods in the entertainment or fashion industries.

Dance studios are setting up courses in Gangnam dance moves as just one example. My son even learned the moves at school in music class. Clothing retailers are selling multi coloured tuxedo’s, bow ties and loafers just like PSY wore in the video. And the trademark sunglasses are flying of the shelves.

In you haven’t seen it, PSY, the Korean musician has some great dance moves and has received global fame since the video’s release.

This raises a couple of questions.

  1. firstly, are you using fads and viral hits like Gangnam Style to promote products and services on the back of them and
  2. are you using video in your social media and promotions?

2 thoughts on “Small Business Marketing Gangnam Style!

  1. Great article. By ignoring copyright claims he could’ve made for unauthorised parodies and the song being used in Internet movies, etc. (Korean copyright law is quite tight, too), people knew they could use it and make more derivative content, and it spread all over Asia before Europe and the US… And in just one year he made millions in endorsement contracts, etc.
    Loosening up on copyright could be a key element to going viral?

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