The Big Decision: Stay Small or Try to Grow –

This is a great article from the NY Times on making the decision whether to grow a business or stay small. The decision often impacts lifestyle choices more than anything else. What is your opinion?

The Big Decision: Stay Small or Try to Grow –


8 thoughts on “The Big Decision: Stay Small or Try to Grow –

  1. I think you have to be hard-wired to make business you life priority in order to make the leap. Even when my own business was not growing in terms of revenue or staffing, I was always tinkering, innovating and making my product better, so I was never bored. In a competitive environment, it takes all your attention just to keep up, let alone stay at the front of the pack. But some people are born for the thrill and the stress of taking it big!

    1. The leap is tough. I think it comes down to resources ie funding and risk aversion. if you are averse to risk and cannot handle the stress in a productive way, you are better off staying small. It also depends on the personality of the entrepreneur.

      1. Fully agree with these points! Just caught a hockey game with a friend of mine, a business owner, who admitted that it’s a 24/7 job and he’s addicted to the intensity of that. Not I!

      2. Not everyone wants to grow their business. Many choose to create a lifestyle business and that’s OK. It’s the choices we make. The fact is running your own business allows you to make those choices.

  2. Staying small or going big: good question. But perhaps business owners need to reflect on whether they’re able to grow and they’re need to grow. The need to grow bigger should come from the needs of their customers. After all, as business owners, who else are we serving but our customers?

    1. I agree, but at the same time it comes down to how many customers do you want to serve as well. I think there is no black and white answer here… it comes down to lifestyle choice.

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