What is Strategy?

Simple Advice for Entrepreneurs on Capital, Strategy, Legal Services, Management, Entrepreneurship, VC Funding and other things - Juan Ramon Zarco

I get to see a lot of business plans or Powerpoint presentations, and, when I review them, I find it peculiar how many lack one or several basic points that effect a strategic plan.  First, let us define what is “strategy”:  it is a profitable plan defined within a specific time frame that will state the method by which you will market a product or service and outmaneuver the competitive environment.  This definition articulates word for word what should be a strategic plan.

By “profitable”, one assumes that whatever project you are starting must be profitable. If it is not profitable, why bother starting it? Now, an earlier blog discusses that the level of profitability is guided by cost of capital. Profitable also assumes that you are entering into marketplace for which there is a demand and, by all accounts, is a growing market.  In other words, unless the…

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