Why local businesses should get a website and Pronto!

Today, putting up a website is not that hard or expensive. There is also plenty of advice on how to get it set up. For small business it’s a must. If you haven’t got a web site… start today.

AiDE to iDEA

The world is your stage….

Yes! That is what every local business is forced to think about, considering how the world has ‘shrunk’, thanks to the world wide web. If a local business gets on-line, it is immediately exposed to not only to its customers in Tewkesbury but to anyone in Timbuktu as well.

All the more reason why any business and I mean any business needs to get on-line and be available to the world. 60% of consumers today are looking on-line for local businesses. So if you are not out there, you have missed the bus!

Similarly many businesses believe that since they are already established, having a website is not going to help them. Wrong. Markets are dynamic and so are its customers. With the advent of internet and ease of access to it through smart phones and similar gadgets, accessing information on the go is very easy and therefore relying entirely on offline customers and promotions is not enough.

Also businesses…

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