7 Reasons Most People Should Build Lifestyle Businesses, Not Startups – Forbes

Life is a beachA must read article form Forbes. If you are looking to maximise your lifestyle choices or the freedom and flexibility, this is a valid choice for your business.

7 Reasons Most People Should Build Lifestyle Businesses, Not Startups – Forbes.


9 thoughts on “7 Reasons Most People Should Build Lifestyle Businesses, Not Startups – Forbes

  1. Highly relevant post in todays world of “micro-preneurship” to use Rachel Botsman’s term. I’m a teacher trying to get other teachers to see the opportunities now available to earn second incomes through exciting ventures based on things they already enjoy. The bonus is that by earning more we can help others. I’ve heard it said,”You can’t help people when you’re broke.” Now earning more can be a real joy along with the fulfillment of giving. Great post. Thank you.

    1. Robert, sorry, I missed your comment previously and have just seen it. Thank you for the positive feedback. I hope I can in some small way contribute to the “****-preneur” comunity to make it easier for the younger generations in their business adventures.

    1. Hi, I just put a comment on your about page with a spelling error. Embarrassment.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post.
      Lifestyle business… Is like any other business, the difference is in the choices you make which are not driven by profit or growth or expansion but by your lifestyle wants.
      How to make it successful.. Depends on your meaning of success… Is it the lifestyle that you are trying to achieve or is it the figures you are trying to obtain.

    2. Hi Hannah…. where do I start?
      Ultimately it’s all about the choices you make and the business model that you develop. However being a first time start-up it is going to require some planning and of course when you get started, depending on how the market responds to your offer you may need to adjust (the current fad term is ‘pivot’) your model, offer or both.
      Lets see how you go with the planning based on your lifestyle choices.
      You need develop a personal criteria you will need to consider for your planning. Let me know how I can help.

  2. Thanks for sharing… I find that people can sometimes feel slightly embarressed about their aspirations to start a lifestyle business, as though the motivations behind that business goal aren’t as valid. That is, until they achieve the success they had been aiming for!

    1. Interesting point. It all comes down to personal choice. It certainly isn’t about what a business is “expected” to be. Lifestyle choice can mean very different things to people. For example, I had the urge to travel and see more of Australia when I was younger. To achieve that I set up a business providing specialised traning, that enabled me to travel and see more of the country for a number of years. there was never a plan to make this business anything more. It served it’s purpose. Your reply raises so many questions… I may expand in another post… watch this space.

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