I was blown away with the result

Apple iPhone


Today, start of daylight saving and I visited the Apple store in Canberra for the first time. It really was time for Canberra got something like this. Yes we have a Dendy cinema and Costco of all things but I’m most happy about the Apple store. For a place with only 300K or so population we have way too much retail space… enough to service 5 times that many people. But that is another story.

Anyway back to where I was. My iPhone was using up battery extremely fast since it was upgraded with the latest version of iOS6. Im talking full charge to dead in about 3 or so hours. So the Genius who tried to resolve the issue saw I was very frustrated and upset as the battery was lasting only a few hours. They did some diagnostics that didn’t show anything wrong so he suggested replacing the phone.

A brand spanking new unscratched iPhone 4S was offered as it may resolve the problem. YES of course. It’s a new device with new battery and everything else. So absolutely I will give the old one back. Even if I have to do further investigation to resolve the original problem. I know, you are thinking the iPhone 5 is out, why didn’t I just upgrade. Well I’ve seen the 5 and I like it… But I always get the S version as it seems to have all the initial problems ironed out by then and always a few extras. As well as that i get the new IOS on my current model and I don’t replace my devices just for the hell of it, only when they have been superseded with substantial improvements.

So the new iPhone has been downloading all my backed up info and data today. When you have a 64 Gig device there is a lot of data. and as I do all sync and backup via wi-fi these days it may take some time. Everything should be back soon, all songs, books, documents etc. Problem resolved.

So this reaffirms my conviction to buy Apple products as no matter how difficult it sometimes may be to get the right answers and support, they do an awesome job each and every time. They certainly exceeded my expectations. Not only that, as Steve Jobs used to say… There is just one more thing…. It just works.



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