My dentist rocks.


Customer Service with a Smile

This has nothing to do with dental work. It’s all about the customer service experience.

Many of us have phobias and things we don’t like. One experience that most people dislike and many avoid is dental work. This certainly includes me. Often the visit to the dentist is at best uncomfortable and at worst it can be a nightmare.

For me any visit to a dentist has negative feelings associated with the dental procedures no matter how minor, and this is all due to childhood trauma in a dentists chair. Logically I can and do work through it all but… So you can imagine what I felt having to get an extraction and some fillings done. Anxiety at its best.

However I was pleasantly surprised. Seriously it was a non event. The whole experience from initial consultation to completion was smooth and simple. And the level of service provided was just exceptional. No it was amazing. This is why.

This particular dental surgery has developed and nurtured a culture around customer wellness and support. You are made to feel welcome and comfortable at all times. If you display any anxiety, the team will take their time, discuss and offer options on working around any issues you may have or anything you are feeling iffy about.

Unfortunately in small business this level of customer service is an exception to the rule.

Why is it that when my tap leaks it takes multiple phone calls just to get a response let alone get it fixed? Or even when I want an additional power outlet in my office it takes someone a week to get it installed. Now I can say, getting great service is normally more painful than pulling teeth. Why is it that in my experience, I can provide loads of examples of bad service but very few of great service?



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