Small business and the web

Initially I started this blog with the question of “why can’t I find you on the web” and then it occurred to me that the exact person I’m aiming his blog to will never get to read it. So, why is it that so many small business people neglect or don’t develop a web presence of any significant kind or at all,

The statistics are staggering. Although over 90% of all business has access to the Internet, the latest reports indicate that around 60% of so called small businesses and around 71% of micro businesses (those employing 5 or less people) don’t even have a website or any form of web presence. A small business is considered one that employs under 200 people however there are more micro businesses employing five or less people than there are employing more then five people. All the statistics I have quoted are available from the ABS.

A couple of weeks ago in the LinkedIn group for Canberra Small Business Owners, Tony Ozzane posed a question “Why is it small business is reluctant to take up a web presence?”.

This resulted in a number of interesting responses and some of the things that came out are;

  • It takes time and effort to have a strong well-rounded web presence
  • To establish a solid basic and functional website isn’t exorbitantly costly
  • There is a lack of knowledge and awareness of what the internet is about and many are frightened of technology and not being able to keep up with the pace of change
  • Busy small business owners have many challenges and having a web presence is only one small part of their overall focus

Looking at this information shows us there are still many small business people who for many and varied reasons are reluctant to utilize the Internet as a communication tool.

If you have any specific topics you would like me to address…. let me know.


2 thoughts on “Small business and the web

  1. It can be argued that small and micro businesses might find the responsibility of maintaining a constant web presence daunting and distracting from their actual business. However, with a schedule and web campaign content in place, it can alleviate some of the worrisome over the task.

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