Small Business is Big Business ™

Small business is big business ™
Many of you are thinking are you for real and others maybe something along the line of where is this going?
Each small business individually is exactly as said small, but the small business sector is the largest employer in Australia and I’m certain most other western countries. Small businesses and also the biggest tax payers in the country. I’m not going to quote statistics as you can all look them up, but one thing that stands out is that small businesses employ around 49% of the whole workforce. In addition to that we as a whole are a large buyer of products and services.
If you are really interested in this sector of the economy you could look up the figures for small business employment numbers, portion of GDP and how much they contribute to the overall tax takings for the country ( I said I wasn’t going to quote statistics).
Small business is the backbone of our economy and the biggest service industry employer.
We are big! At the same time, although we have industry associations and representation we don’t seem to have as much clout as we should with lobbying as I think we are fragmented in our approach.
However,  it’s not all so rozy. The statistics (which I’m not quoting ) show that each year there are many small business failures. That includes new startups and established business failing. I believe many of these failures are avoidable and due mainly to inexperience, poor planning and or execution or a combination of these and other factors. I would love to see the numbers reduced.
So just because yo run a small business or are planning to start one in the near future don’t fear as there are loads of resources and support out there. You just need to pick the right advice. Let’s face it are you going to ask for that advice from your friends or neighbours? I hope not.
You should try and find a mentor who is experienced and established in business and who is willing to share some of his time to provide you with advice in your venture. Don’t be shy. All you need to do is ask. You’ll be surprised by the positive responses.
 If you have any specific topics you would like me to address…. let me know.

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