Do you have a website?

On, one of the internet communities I occasionaly contribute to, the following question was asked.  “Is it essential to have your own website in this information age?” I don’t mean a blog site or facebook site..

If you are in business, you just cannot afford to be asking this question now. You are way behind the leaders in your industry. If you’re unsure of you need for a website, there is another simple question you need to ask yourself. If the telephone had just recently been invented and people were getting listed in this new thing called a telephone directory so they could be found, what would you do once you got your phone?  Don’t get left behind. All of your competition is on the web.. so are your suppliers.. why aren’t you there.. competing?  NOW!

The last time I picked up a phone book or directory was many years ago. We don’t even have a telephone directory in the office any more.. no-one uses them. Yes there are some in the older generation who are uncomfortable with the technology, but they now are a minority. Most people search for their information on the internet. That is where all the groundwork and research is being done.

If you want to boost your business results, no matter what industry you are in, you must have a web presence and that does not mean just social media or blogs.


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