A passion for Small Business

My name is Don Grgic and welcome to my blog “A passion for Small Business”.  This is my first post.  This is also my first blog and an opportunity to move into the modern world and share many ideas, stories and lessons learnt.  I do hope that you get some value from my posts.

It’s appropriate for a little bit of background about me and my passion for small business overall.  I was first exposed to the concept of entrepreneurship and small business at age 8.  My very first money-making exercise was at the age of 10 selling race programs at Mt Panorama in Bathurst NSW.  For most of my working life I have been self-employed and running my own small business in one form or another with a few stints as an employee between ventures.

My current venture is Furniture Direct Warehouse in Canberra ACT, a discount furniture outlet dealing direct with furniture and housewares suppliers.  We are also importing substantial amounts of product from various countries and in a lot of instances removing the middlemen and of course passing the saving on to the consumer.


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